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    MyBB Group is an unofficial initiative to develop and maintain extends of awesome forum software MyBB. People involved in this project are mostly core contributors of the base software, volunteering excellence since a long time in a passionate way to keep the user experience at best. So, if you are looking for a maintained quality extend you are at the right place.


    MyBB Group has created many popular extends of MyBB and regularly maintain with fixes / improvements. All the extends are always up to date and compatible with latest MyBB. Have an idea about a new extent? Let us know and we will try our best to build it and make available.


    We aim to keep the best extends of MyBB alive that are abandoned by original author. So, if an extend is not maintained anymore by the author and if the included licence permits - request us and we will maintain the extend to work with latest version of MyBB.


    Requests are always welcome and appreciated. If you need an extend which or similar is not available; raise a request and we are here to help you out creating the same. Custom requests can be made free or against minimum charges based on the complexicity.