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Full Version: OP Can Close Thread
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OP Can Close Thread
Allow thread authors to close threads in approved forums
  • MyBB 1.8.x.
  • Provides an ACP setting to stipulate forums in which thread authors may close their threads (without having to be moderators).
  • Provides an ACP setting to limit that privilege to members of (a) stipulated usergroup(s).
  • Provides a new button top and bottom of thread pages for authorised thread authors to close/re-open their threads in those forums.
  • Provides checkboxes for authorised thread authors when submitting posts to close/re-open their threads in those forums.
  • Prevents even authorised thread authors from re-opening threads that have been closed by moderators, unless they too are moderators.
  • Provides an option to auto-apply a thread prefix to threads closed by their authors.
Potential and Planned Features
  • Add a setting toggle to the effect of: "Prevent thread authors from re-opening threads they have closed".
Miscellaneous Notes
  • Requires patches to core files which are automatically applied on installation, and automatically reverted on uninstallation.
  1. Download the zip archive.
  2. Extract its files.
  3. Copy (recursively) the files under "root" into your forum's root.
  4. Install+activate via the ACP's Plugins page.
  5. Configure the plugin in the ACP under Settings -> Plugin Settings -> OP Can Close Thread.
Upgrading Licence
  • GPL3.
GitHub Repository Link MyBB Extend Page Link (Download Here)