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Full Version: Bookmark Post
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A plugin for MyBB to Bookmark posts those are important to get quick access on a later stage
Authors Latest Version
  • 1.0.0 (Initial Release)
  • MyBB 1.8.x Series
  • PHP 7+
Implemented Features
  • Users can bookmark any visible post the feel useful for future reference
  • The list of bookmarked posts appears in user's UCP for quick access
Planned Features
  • Add personalized notes against each bookmarked post
  • AJAX bookmark removal
  • Remove bookmarks directly from UCP
  • Show number of posts bookmarked by the user in user profile
  • Show number of posts made by the user that others bookmarked in user profile
  • Limit bookmarking per usergroup (might be useful for those paid group promotion sites)
  • Export bookmarked posts (?)
External Dependency
  • No external dependency
Resource Location / Support: