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Full Version: Active Threads
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Active threads
Shows which threads have had the most posts in a given period defaulting to the previous week.
  • MyBB 1.8.x.
  • A page listing active threads, including for each thread:
    • Its subject.
    • Its author.
    • Its start date.
    • The number of posts to it during the specified period.
    • The dates and authors of the earliest and latest posts made to it during the specified interval.
  • Optionally, user avatars can be displayed in the listing, for the thread starter, and for each member who posted earliest and latest during the interval.
  • The listing can be sorted by any field in either descending or ascending order. It is paginated at 20 threads per page.
  • The interval can be specified to a fidelity of minutes up to any given date-time.
  • Adds a "View Active Threads" link to the forum's header for both anonymous viewers and logged in members to access the listing page.
  • Adds the same "View Today's Posts" link for anonymous viewers that logged in members see by default in the forum's header.
  • Administrative settings to set the default interval length, sort fields, and various other options.
  • Administrative settings to limit the size of the interval, either globally or per-usergroup.
Potential and Planned Features
  • Regularly email "hot" threads to members (GitHub issue #19).
  1. Download the zip archive (see below).
  2. Extract its files.
  3. Copy (recursively) the files under "root" into your forum's root.
  4. Install+activate via the ACP's Plugins page.
  5. Configure the plugin in the ACP under Settings -> Plugin Settings -> Active Threads.
  • GPL3.
GitHub Repository Link MyBB Extend Page Link (Download Here)
Released version 1.3.0 with the new features/fixes:
  • Cache templates (fixes GitHub issue #20)
  • Add an excluded-forums setting (implements GitHub issue #21)