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Full Version: Post Icon Size & like button
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post icon size are too big , on every post and also on new Thread making 

[Image: 3oT4qlR.png]
and like button CSS is also have to fix 
[Image: nQ2BBVo.png]
The default theme is temporary and we are gonna disable this.
Our site theme is under development and has all these fixed. You can apply board style "Tekutema Revolution" from UCP and experience the new theme.

Thanks for the report though ...
i am sorry , i couldn't find this option in UCP
It is here under UCP > Edit Options

[Image: SnoP15G.png]
unfortunately i don't have this feature in UCP > edit options 

[Image: hYV5D6B.png]
Well, we will force this theme to all users very soon once it reaches to a workable shape.
Thanks for cooperation.
awesome theme dear 

but blue color on dark is not visible clearly 

[Image: Cl8CjvD.png]
Thank you
Surely will take care of it once I do the work on theme again managing some times...