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Full Version: Isango
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A very simple social login / register plugin using oAuth2

Currently supported gateways:
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Github
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Microsoft
  • Yandex
Github Repo link:
Really cool!

Can we add more - GitHub for example? 

- Microsoft and Google tested right now, both works fine!

Maybe there are few ideas for ACP setting:
- to which usergroup users registered via this plugin will be added
- send PM after registration with sender UID - welcome, info, password?
- UCP group for managing integrations with other sites with option what to sync (avatar, sex, etc.)
- ...
More services will be added over time.
Yandex support is added.
Few generic options is also a good idea. Like what you have mentioned. Additionally the appearance of buttons: Normal, Mini (only icon) and Compact mode (services in a dropdown) is what I thought so far.
I am not aiming to 'sync' anything in particular, but can think of saving the service uid and emails for various services in a separate table with option in UCP to connect. Once connected to various services users can just click on the connected service button and regain access to existing account in a flash. Service UID may come handy for connecting to those services that don't return email (like Dribbble).