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    MyBB Group Developer
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    Pin the important replies of a thread just after first post.
    [Image: unknown.png]

    Implemented Features:
    • Important replies (posts) can be pinned within a thread and the pinned replies will be listed under first post of the thread.
    • Usergroups can be selected to empower who can pin / unpin posts.
    • Author (thread starter) can be empowered to pin / unpin posts.
    • Number of pinned posts limit can be set within a thread.
    [Image: image-2021-01-13-152019.png]

    Github Repo:

    MyBB Mods Site (download):
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    MyBB Group Developer
    Updated to v1.0.2

    Change Log:
    • Cache templates
    • Caching improvement of pinned posts
    • Reduce database query
    • Added option for force redirect
    • Consider post visibility
    • Allow for pins to be rendered from the show thread template.
    • Change / use the Fugue Icons for pin / unpin buttons to blend the style with MyBB's default icon pack.
    A big thanks to @Omar G. for his valuable contributions in this release.
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