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    Junior Member
    I'll make the first official request Smile

    I love the addition of Prefixes to MyBB but I have noticed they don't get included when searching by keyword.  You must use the prefix search and select one.  This is a problem if prefixes are used to rpelace part of the thread subject and the prefix title doesn't appear within the thread.  I would like to request help expanding the search function to include prefixes if that's something anyone here is familiar with...

    Thanks for the great forum!
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    MyBB Group Developer
    I have a plan for working on multi-prefix (which is an official MyBB feature request as well), more like a clickable tag system similar to what we have in Github.

    Hope that will work. Keep an eye...
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    Development Contributor
    Hopefully MyBB should make search more user friendly, as in a fancy-looking one-click forms for building searches directly from forum display, instead of having to fill searches forms as it currently it.

    Most likely not in 1.8
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    MyBB Group Developer
    I am also keen on applying experimenting with keyword presets in search field.
    author:effone result:thread -state:closed Prefix >> For example
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    Development Contributor
    Some already work (like keyword), so it shouldn't be difficult to get it done.
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