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    Bump Absorber
    Inhibit posts from bumping threads except for the author's after an approved time in approved forums
    • MyBB 1.8.x.
    • Provides an ACP setting to stipulate forums in which threads may not be bumped except by their authors after a given period of time has expired. Non-bumping posts may still be made, they just fail to bump the thread.
    • Provides an ACP setting to show real last post details in listings even when the real last post did not bump the thread.
    • Inhibits bump notifications in DVZ Stream (with auto-patching to that plugin, as for core auto-patching - see below).
    Miscellaneous Notes
    • For a post to "bump" a thread is for the thread's last-posted date-time and last-posted author to be updated commensurate with that new post, thus pushing its containing thread to the top of relevant listings. Thus, this plugin simply inhibits those details from being updated for non-bumping posts.
    • Requires patches to core files which are automatically applied on installation, and automatically reverted on uninstallation.
    1. Download the zip archive.
    2. Extract its files.
    3. Copy (recursively) the files under "root" into your forum's root.
    4. Install+activate via the ACP's Plugins page.
    5. Configure the plugin in the ACP under Settings -> Plugin Settings -> Bump Absorber.
    1. Uninstall the plugin via the ACP.
    2. Download, extract, and copy files as in steps one, two, and three for installing above.
    3. Install+activate the plugin via the ACP.
    4. Re-configure the plugin in the ACP under Settings -> Plugin Settings -> Bump Absorber.
    • GPL3.
    GitHub Repository Link MyBB Extend Page Link (Download Here)
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