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effone   26-12-2020, 04:54 AM
Birthday Week
MyBB plugin to display list of users in index page whose birthdays fall under current week.
MyBB 1.8.x
PHP 7.1+
Implemented Features
Listing down the user list in index statistics whose birthdays are in current week.
There is no setting for this plugin so far. Just install and go.
Planned features
Some possibilities are:
  • The user listing currently shows which day of the week the user’s birthday is, that can be option driven to show / hide
  • The week is decided from Monday to Sunday, which can be option-driven to make dynamic week: Today - 3 days / +3 days
  • Option to replace the Today’s Brithday in place of showing both.
  • Show Birthday Week identification in postbit under user details.
Will be decided as requirement arises.
Exactly same like any other plugins. Users need to upload the files inside upload folder of the package maintaining the already made structure using any FTP / WebDav and install / activate the plugin from ACP.
External Dependency
No external dependency.

Resource Links
MyBB Extend link:
Github Repo link:
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